Café Crushes

You know how people have celebrity crushes? I have coffee shop crushes. I've been following Ten Belles for ages now and yesterday I finally got to pop in and enjoy a cortado. Like most shops in Paris, it's small, has few tables, uses it's space very efficiently and serves great coffee. Ten Belles serves Belleville coffee, arguably the best roasters in Paris. Joah had a slice of banana bread that was also delicious, it was a perfect petit-dejeuner. **This is a picture of my cortado after I already stirred it. I was so excited I forgot to take a pre-drink picture. It was delicious!** The only place higher on my list of cafe crushes is Holybelly. We went by today before they closed at 3:30 pm a

Bonjour, Paris!

After a nine hour direct flight, we've landed in the macaron homeland. We spent the morning wandering around our neighborhood finding the local gems and spent the afternoon sipping rosè and people watching at Le Mansart. We finished the day with the best tiramisu I've ever had made with fresh cherries from Le Bon Georges. Tomorrow is Bastille Day and I will also be starting my excursion for macarons. Two macarons a day keeps the doctor away. That's what they say, right??

We're Going to Paris!

Bonjour, Susannah here! I manage our media & events here at La Patisserie. I'm headed to Paris with my fiancé to eat and drink our way through the city. I'm looking forward to sharing our travels with you!

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