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La Reve (The Dream)

Red Currant

Soraiya’s son fell in love with red currants while they were in Paris in June.  They are such a bitter fruit but so bright that chefs would use them to add a pop of color to their desserts.  She decided to take that bitterness and meld it with the sweetness of buttercream to create a perfectly balanced flavor

L'Homme (The Man)

Rose, Lychee and Raspberry

This one is named in honor of famed pastry chef Pierre Herme who first created this flavor combination.  His inventiveness and creativity has pushed pastry chefs around the globe to strive for excellence.  These flavors have such a floral note to them that the juxtaposition of the name and flavor is fun to play with


Le Madame Marie (The Marie Antoinette)

Black Tea, Honey, Citrus & Rose

Laduree has a macaron called the Marie Antoinette which Soraiya fell in love with so she had to come home and recreate it with her own little twist.  She loves Earl Grey tea and the primary flavor in that is Bergamot.  This is used to create the base flavor and then build on that with the honey, citrus, and rose.  The result is a flavor like no other- it twirls your taste buds

Le Royal (The Royal)

Kir Royale

If there is a drink that is emblematic of our month in the City of Lights it is definitely the Kir Royale.  Soraiya had to create a macaron with this delightful flavor combination.  The champagne macarons are always a hit around the holidays, and Soraiya knows this one with a hint of Cassis will capture fans as well.

black ispacin.jpg

La Nuit (The Night)

Black Sesame Praline

One of the best parts of Paris is the night. It is when the city glimmers and the beauty overwhelms you.  The black sesame macaron has a depth to the flavor that is both mysterious and delicious.  It is black with white sesame seeds dotted across it like stars dotting the night sky

Le Calm (The Calm)

This has always been a favorite flavor for Soraiya and the Parisian pastry chefs seem to love this flavor in just about everything!  If tranquility had a flavor it would be Orange Blossom.

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