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Café Crushes

You know how people have celebrity crushes? I have coffee shop crushes. I've been following Ten Belles for ages now and yesterday I finally got to pop in and enjoy a cortado. Like most shops in Paris, it's small, has few tables, uses it's space very efficiently and serves great coffee. Ten Belles serves Belleville coffee, arguably the best roasters in Paris. Joah had a slice of banana bread that was also delicious, it was a perfect petit-dejeuner.

**This is a picture of my cortado after I already stirred it. I was so excited I forgot to take a pre-drink picture. It was delicious!**

The only place higher on my list of cafe crushes is Holybelly. We went by today before they closed at 3:30 pm and still had a line out the door. They really caught my eye when they planned, executed and filmed The Epic Staff Swap. They took their back of house team and front of house team and swapped for a day. Kitchen staff seated and served customers, handled long lines, made coffee, and front of house team prepped and cooked. Having spent a fair amount of time in a front of house position, I really appreciated it. If you have any interest in service jobs I highly recommend watching it! We're going to try visiting again earlier in the day and I'll have more photos to share.

One place I hadn't checked out before visiting was Télescope. I ordered a pain au chocolate, fresh orange juice, and a cafe creme (the French cortado). If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend.

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Ten Belles



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