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History of Macarons

What is the story behind the delicious macarons we enjoy everyday? Before we experimented with trendy tastes like s’mores and funfetti, before we even found our quintessential favorites

like rose and almond, what were macarons all about?

Like the best heros, macarons came from humble means. Originally, they started in Italy as simple cookies made of sugar, almond powder, and egg whites. Catherine de Medicis brought them to France with her marriage to King Henry II in 1533. Everything changed once France got a hold of these petite treats.

At the dawn of the 20th century, the grandson of Louis Ernest Laduree (of Laduree pastries), Pierre Desfontaines, had the idea to stick the cookie together with a chocolate ganache. Ladurée popularized the modern macaron, making it an icon of Paris. Numerous more variations were born as French chefs went on to develop their own recipes.

Today, macarons are celebrated as one of the most delightful gourmet pastries--literally, France honors Macaron Day on March 20th and the US shares in the festivities on the same day each year.

Here at La Patisserie, we’re glad for the macaron every day. If you’re curious for more about macarons, comment down below or come into our Burnet or Annie St. location to find out more!

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