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Vu Doan

Austin, TX

"I love this place. Small, quiet, and super friendly. A great place to get a light lunch, coffee, and dessert. I love their French macarons. It's never super crowded like the other over-hyped coffeshops in south Austin. Definitely a hidden treasure."

Adam R.

Austin, TX

"The donuts alone are enough to give it 5 stars - they need those every day! How are nasty krispy kreme donuts a chain and this great place isn't? All of their other items are creative, great as well (they do need a bigger cake selection), really good prices, they really know what they're doing. It's hard to find really good pastry chefs like this place has."

Annie Lin

Austin, TX

"Love this bakery! One of the rare places in Austin that really give you your money's worth in macarons. Tried a couple other places and La Patisserie always makes their macarons juuuust enough bigger to make the trip down south worth it :) It's such a cozy little establishment and right in the heart of south Austin so if you're making a side trip from SoCo to see the Austin mural definitely stop by! It's only a couple more steps down the road."

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